Apr 212009

What’s that you said? “OMG – this is a dull web site. Why don’t you have any rolling images and whirling stuff? Ya, know, some eye-candy, some . . . Pizzazz???”

Wait – WAIT. I said puh-ZAZZ not pizza.  (At least it’s genuine Chicago style.)

Well, Grasshopper (or Biff or Tadpole or Pilgrim), let me ask you a question.

You came to this web site for information about building and hosting web sites, right?

Do you notice that you can see what we offer, right here in front of you, without delay and without jumping through more than three links? Did you notice there is no “page loading . . .” screen?

What you are experiencing has a fancy name “Optimal Information Delivery.” In simple terms, what you want to know, as fast as possible.

To accomplish that we don’t waste your time on Flash or pizzazz. And we think that’s what your customers want when they come to your web site.  That doesn’t mean your site must be visually dull. Take a look in the column to your right at some of the sites we’ve built for restaurants, or shopping carts or B2B.

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