Jan 072010

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All development work is based on a Written Proposal*– We begin your project only after you approve a written, detailed formal proposal and contract that:

  • spells out every aspect of the project,
  • defines the technology we will use,
  • lists the resources we will use,
  • spells out who will do what, such as create graphics, install texts, etc.
  • establishes objective performance criteria,
  • includes links to similar work
  • includes links to verifiable references
  • spells out a site management training plan
  • sets firm deadlines and
  • sets a firm price and terms

All web development is collaborative. When we start a project we establish a private, password-accessible web site on our development server, just for you. Designs, suggestions, samples and concepts are posted there for your review and feedback as they are developed. Your approval or change order is  requested at every step before we go to the next one.

We also establish an Online Project Manager (OPM) that monitors every step of the project, every email, every To-Do, every Milestone, every suggestion and every approval until the project is completed in accordance with the formal written proposal. You participate at every step.

This assures both of us that the finished product is exactly what is in the written proposal and contract, not just our opinion of what you should accept.

We are professional. We will finish what we start for the price we agreed upon. No hidden extras or surprises or charge-backs, ever

Until you put your final approval in writing, the job is not done.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: we do not charge for informal analysis or research or suggestions or estimates. You are under no obligation and will never be billed for discussions or informal estimates.

However, a formal written proposal is something we do not write without certain expectations. A formal written proposal is the functional equivalent of a set of architect’s blueprints for a building or an engineer’s specifications of a bridge. It is professional work that takes hours of knowledge and experience. When our written prposal is completed, any well-qualified web developer could follow it to a good result.

We create a formal written proposal only on your assurance that you are ready to go ahead with the project that has been defined in the informal discussions. It is the written version of a verbal agreement already established. If you do not proceed promptly with the project after we do the specification work, in good faith, of writing the formal proposal, you will be charged a price equal to 50% of the total value of the project it describes.

If you want a formal written proposal, but without making a commitment to award the project and finance it, with the freedom to use it as a biddable document or for inviting RFQs from suppliers, please tell us beforehand and we may create it for a price and terms to be negotiated.

Regarding payments, we accept payments by major debit or credit card.

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