About Us


We started working on Internet projects on January 4th, 1994. We now have clients in seven countries, even India!!

Our business is privately owned; not a corporation or the biggest anything.  But we provide all web development, design, technical support and hosting as if we were a large company – and we do it at a personal level.

Prior to the first Internet bubble and bust, we made a deliberate decision to stay small. We did not want to be a corporate entity and even today, we turn down offers to “get big and go public.”

We like working with real people on real projects, especially for small to medium-sized businesses or organization whwer we can have end-to-end responsibility.

If you want personal support and hand-holding, you will very quickly discover we are an incredible bargain. Our hosting deals are better, our prices lower and our service is the best compared with the giants such as GoDaddy, Yahoo or Hostgator. Our site-building prices are competitive.

World Trade Center from Jersey City

World Trade Center from Jersey City

We are based in Jersey City’s historic Bergen District, a trading post founded by the Dutch before the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth Rock. Our office is 15 minutes from Newark Airport. Manhattan is one subway stop across the Hudson River.

NOTE: This photo of the World Trade Center towers, originally on our home page posted when this web site was first built, remains here as a memorial to neighbors, friends and innocent people from all over the world who lost their lives on 9-11-01 as we watched that horrific scene from our window and then participated in the work of receiving victims by ferries and private boats at our waterfront. Those who would destroy us have made us stronger. God Bless America and peace to all of good will, whomever and wherever they may be.

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