Domain Name Mangement


Let us manage your domain name registration. We have it figured out.

Only once, in the 17+ years since we first registered a domain name, have we ever lost control of one. And it was the last. That loss inspired us to create a system that guarantees that your domain name will never expire accidentally or be stolen.

Who needs  domain name management?

Ask Microsoft. In 1999 the domain name expired because they forgot to renew it.

Ask the Washington Post, who allowed the domain name to lapse in 2004.

Ask Alameda Power and Telecom, the California electric utility who lost their domain name around the same time as WaPo.

All were lucky (or powerful enough) to get their names back online and serving web pages after a day or two, but it could have been worse.

Then there was the 6 year fight legal fight costing more than a million dollars when the domain name was stolen. Also, the unfortunate Online Radio Network that lost the rare 3-letter They were one of the thousands of victims when the chief executive of their low priced registrar (“First Year Only $2.99 !!) turned criminal and sold the inventory of registered names to the Russian Mafia. is now for sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But for about three years it was online as, an especially nasty and violent porn site.

How Will We Protect You? For about .03 per day ($10 per year) we will register your domain name and protect it against any kind of loss other than your deliberate action. Even then, when there is any intention to change any detail of your domain name registration, you will have to follow a strict protocol of steps that will expose any fraudulent action.

To do that, we will keep your registration in our vault, with the real ownership hidden (also called “cloaked”) free of added charge.


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