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Liux-based servers are cool. The penguin is the symbol that says our hosting servers are Linux-based, the most reliable and fastest in the world.

Don’t Be Fooled by Tiered Pricing B.S.  Most hosting services still sell you “packages” of different levels of disk space and bandwidth, even though their cost of supplying the “Gold” or “Premium” may be essentially the same as the small “starter” packages.

Our Hosting Service is Different. We pioneered a new, simple and open model for how hosting service is priced. To our knowledge, we were the first established hosting company to offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email and UnMetered Everything back in March of 2007, with pricing based on what kind of webmaster support you want.

We are only hosting company we know of that offers prepaid discounts together with a no-lock-in, cancel anytime, refund anytime policy. See Refund Anytime in the menu on your left.

Everyone of our clients still gets the same 24/7 Technical Support, but pricing is based on how much WebMaster Support you want. If you want us to be your on-demand webmaster, that can be as low as $16 a month.  If you can manage your own web site, that could be as low as $6.50 a month.

But you still get all the space, bandwidth, email, 24/7 tech support, etc. you need

No, that’s not a gimmick or a scam. Check out the details by clicking on a plan in the left sidebar.

BTW – the colorful row of Social Media links and icons on many of these pages and pages of many of the web sites we manage, is SOCIABLE, the world’s most popular WordPress plugin. It was written by one of my sons, Peter Harkins of Chicago ( .

Sociable currently appears on more than one million web sites around the world and also has spawned many copycat versions that use his open-source script.

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