Refund Anytime


Our best deals on hosting offer discounts MORE THAN 1/3rd off for prepayment. But that does not mean you are locked in.

Anytime you wish to cancel your hosting account and get a FULL REFUND of all the unused months, just create a new support ticket. In the subject put the word CANCEL.  In the body of the ticket, tell us how and where you want the refund (i.e.;  via PayPal to or by check to postal address).

In no more than one full business day, the pro rated amount of unused months in your account will be sent to you. The account will remain open until the last day of the current month so you will have all the time you wish to recover your site’s files, email, etc.

Refunds will be based upon the most recent term actually completed. For example, if you prepay for two years, but request a refund after 13 months, the refund will be based on the one year rate.  In the case of a refund requested in the second through the eleventh month of a one year prepaid account, the refund would be based on the month-to-month rate.

Please note that the refund is not available if your hosting was included free of separate cost as part of a web site development and hosting package or if your hosting package included free development work. in other words, if you did not specifically pay for hosting as a separate item or if you got a free web site or makeover as an incentive for hosting, there is no refund.

If you cancel your account or if it is suspended for overdue payment, please note that after we stop serving the site at the end of the most recent paidup month, we will retain a backup copy of your site’s files for another 60 days. During that 60 days,  and after receipt of payment of the appropriate hosting package for the retention period, we will restore the site from our backup copy for no additional charge or from another similar copy that you provide, plus a restoration service fee to be negotiated depending on what your site may need, or you may do that yourself and save that cost.  At the end of that 60 days, without any further contact from you and without any contact or obligation or responsibility from us, we will permanently delete the files and no recovery will be possible.

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