Self Managed Hosting


IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of June 1st, 2013, ALL our hosting is CLOUD HOSTING. This is the fastest, most stable, most secure form of hosting you can buy at any price. But compare our Cloud Hosting price with other Cloud Hosting services, and you will see we do not charge a premium for it.

To Order Self Managed Hosting, click on one of the buttons to choose your discount and method of payment.

Self-Manageddiscount$USpay using PayPalpay using DWOLLA
3 years @ 6.50 per mo35%$234
2 years @ 7.50 per mo25%$180
1 year @ 8.00 per mo20%$96
month-to-month $10$10

WHAT IS “SELF-MANAGED HOSTING?  It is similar to the service and features you will find in most low-priced hosting services, but with a few important differences (such as unlimited 24/7 tech support by phone to an American person.)

It is for those who prefer to install and manage their own hosting and web site. We provide cPanel and complete technical support, by email, or ticket or phone, in support of your web site. However, even this Self Managed Hosting Plan still includes unlimited phone and ticket Tech Support of your server account.

We are responsible to keep your web site online 100% of the time (Guaranteed) and delivered fast.

Our tech support is based in a major USA city. All the staff speak American English and they answer the phone at any hour of the day or night, every day of the year.

All popular site development tools are available, such as HTML, CSS, XTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Photoshop, etc. or the ONE CLICK INSTALLATION of popular CMS packages such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, forums, shopping cart, as well as PHP, MySQL, TPL. etc. – Also, you will have full access to SSH, SSL, FTP, Webmail, etc.

What is “Dwolla?” This is the emerging standard for online payments. We are banishing plastic. The state-of-the-art Dwolla online payment system offers HIGHER SECURITY and all the expected consumer rights (the ability to reverse payments, , anti-fraud measures, etc) but you do not need a credit or debit card. It is FREE of any transaction charges to you.

IMPORTANT – You are NOT locked into a contract based on time. You may cancel your prepaid account at any time and get a refund of unused months. For details Click Refund Anytime

Of course, we welcome payments by check and money order but unless the instrument is verified by a recognized bank, we cannot set up a site or a hosting service until after the funds clear into our account, usually, 7 to 10 days.

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