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Jan 082010
Joe Harkins, owner of BuildingHosting.com

Joe Harkins, founder of BuildingHosting.com click for the closeup

We BUILD and HOST web sites for clients of all sizes and types all over world. The list in the right sidebar is just a small sample. Click on one.

Building a good web site means we spend whatever time it takes to understand what you do, how you do it, what your special needs are, what resources and skill you have to maintain and promote the web site, what you want your web site to do, define metrics that monitor that performance, and so on. We’ll ask a lot of questions and float a lot of suggestions before we give you solid estimates of time and cost.

No charge for that. See “How We Work” for details.


If you are looking for cheap hosting, we are not. But we are not expensive. If you look at the services you get, free of added cost, you should recognize that we are a bargain. If you not recognize that we actually cost less than low cost hosting, thank you for visiting.

We will always welcome you back after you find out that so-called cheap hosting is actually more expensive .